One Soul

Maybe if we were all colour-blind to see only one skin tone, if we were all deaf to hear only the language of the heart, if we all worshipped only the sun that nourishes all…animals, plants, humans alike, maybe if our eyes only saw souls instead of bodies, age wouldn’t matter. There would be no problems in this world. Instead we would see only the beauty that lies within each human and accept them. Perhaps we need to become blind and deaf in order to become truly one human.


One Blood – Human Red

In a planet where colour disconnected people, her colour was human blood red.
In a planet where religion divided people, her religion was compassion.

In a planet where politics split and imprisoned the human heart, her politics was freedom.
In a land where people spoke more than 15 languages, her language was love.
In a land where caste separated people, her caste was harmony.
In a land where the north and south were set apart, she was Indian.
In a land where people thought of themselves different from others around them based on the above “groupism”, she saw that the type of music they created and loved, tastes in art forms were one and the same, uniquely Indian.


And they asked her, why she wasn’t marrying anyone. There were plenty of suiters. Why she wasn’t choosing any one from her “group” as a normal person is expected to. And these people who asked her were only a couple of years younger than her, hence classified her as unsuitable for themsleves because she was immediately branded “older sister”. What difference does it make when you’re a 100 and 102 for a bond that’s forever beautiful?


Having felt loss once, she just had one word for waiting so long… Regret…
Regret is a sorry state of the heart…of life… it isn’t something that she wanted to feel toward the person she will be with…
A life partner is your better half…a mate, a friend, a companion for life…it has to be someone you’re totally proud of, to have and to hold forever…it can never be someone who you will have regrets about later that they didn’t turn out to be all that you hoped for…


Admiration eliminates that…the person has to be someone you admire from the bottom of your heart…that kind of affection has to be felt…for a second time even…someone you would hold hands with when you’re 80 or 100 years old… journey through life’s ups and downs together…catch each other when one falls and rise up together…grow together to become better human beings, hand in hand…


Her eyes only sought the light that shone in people’s heart. Her eyes searched for the one whose light matched hers. Among all her friends that grouped themselves, she saw each individual’s qualities, character, strength, compassion, honesty, kindness, love, affection, friendship, integrity, loyalty, respect, humility, generosity. This was her race, language, religion, caste, region and age.


Gazing into the distant horizon, seated on a park bench…leaves rustling in the breeze…she wondered if she ever found a man who she admired based on “her religion”, if the light in their hearts matched and shone as one, would they be together or would he separate himself from her because of groupism.


Is this all there is to reality? Groupism destroys the beauty that can become the reality of our lives if only we truly open our hearts.

Your Eyes

My heart misses a beat

As he approaches me

Evening sunlight breaking through his hair

We stand there and talk


And then I look up at him

Our eyes meet, get locked into each other

And the world stops spinning around us

Those few seconds feel like an eternity

Everything around us dissolves

Nothing exists but him and I, our eyes gazing into each other

We can’t look away

Lose ourselves into each other in those few moments


The depth of his eyes, unfathomably deep

The way they looked back at me

Could consume universes

Our eyes glimpsed, pierced, looked into each others’ souls that day

We recognized each other from a bond beyond time

And I felt this is something that could blossom

Into one of the deepest, most profound bonds ever

Did we get second-time lucky?

I know it can be infinite times more beautiful and purer than ever before


The Perfume of You

I hear the pitter-patter of raindrops

Outside my window

I see green trees lush bathed

In silver drops of pure water

Sprinkling down from the skies


I sit by the window, gazing up at Heaven

Your shirt upon my smooth shoulders

Making me tingle at every place they touch my skin

Infused with the aroma of wet soil

Is the fragrance of You

Your smell, I breathe in

Nothing more divine, more sacred to me

Than your scent so sweet, it gives me peace

I feel safe in your presence, and loved

You are my home

My forever and my always

The Allure Of Coffee

What is it about the aroma of coffee? 

That is so alluring, tantalizing

A smell so intoxicating, refreshing

It caresses and seduces your nose

It pulls, draws, entices

And you float towards its perfume entranced

Like children to the Pied Piper’s tune


Until the flavour

Is relished by the tongue

Savoured by and satisfied the taste buds

Only when this effervescent

Chocolate coloured liquid

Has pierced and energized your veins

Is one satiated

Senses appeased



Greenhouse, My Muse

I sit under the pleasant sunshine

Dancing rays sparkling down my being

Washing and bathing me in its splendor


Hugged by lush greenery

At my perch in a greenhouse

My spirits lift up and soar

Towards the blue skies and

Floating white puffy clouds


The blue heavens call to me

To fly and play 

Like a child on cotton candy clouds

Accompany their journey

Guided by the winds

Bouncing, frolicking with birds


Wherever they go they’re happy

To crash on a mountain and get blown away

Or to cushion the sun

For a beautiful scenery


As I sit amidst the creations of nature

I muse on

Nature’s happy obedience to God’s will

Fearless, with complete trust

In their Creator


Basking in the sunlight

Absorbing nature’s essence

I wish I were as brave too

My faith absolute

To fulfil my given mission


Touches Of Glitter

Can’t stop being happy!

Happiness is a part of me

Nothing and no one one can stop it

Or take it away

Its mine to have


I swim in joy

Dance in glee

Revel in silver linings


Life is fun

In art, dance, music, creativity and colours


I have a roof over my head

Sun shining in the sky

Rainy days are bright too

Sweaty summer nights

And twilights to listen

To the sound of crickets chirping


A job to provide me food

Hale and hearty simple meals

With gratitude, everyday’s a party


And when I’m happy

No sadness can affect me

Because happiness is very simple


The basic necessities of life

Alongside majestic nature’s peace

Compassion and kindness in the heart

To give sparkles and glitter

Share the joy of rainbows

In abundance with others


Touching their souls

With this smidgen of happiness

That spreads like ripples over oceans

Deep from my soul

An endless spring of refreshing merriment