The Allure Of Coffee

What is it about the aroma of coffee? 

That is so alluring, tantalizing

A smell so intoxicating, refreshing

It caresses and seduces your nose

It pulls, draws, entices

And you float towards its perfume entranced

Like children to the Pied Piper’s tune


Until the flavour

Is relished by the tongue

Savoured by and satisfied the taste buds

Only when this effervescent

Chocolate coloured liquid

Has pierced and energized your veins

Is one satiated

Senses appeased



Greenhouse, My Muse

I sit under the pleasant sunshine

Dancing rays sparkling down my being

Washing and bathing me in its splendor


Hugged by lush greenery

At my perch in a greenhouse

My spirits lift up and soar

Towards the blue skies and

Floating white puffy clouds


The blue heavens call to me

To fly and play 

Like a child on cotton candy clouds

Accompany their journey

Guided by the winds

Bouncing, frolicking with birds


Wherever they go they’re happy

To crash on a mountain and get blown away

Or to cushion the sun

For a beautiful scenery


As I sit amidst the creations of nature

I muse on

Nature’s happy obedience to God’s will

Fearless, with complete trust

In their Creator


Basking in the sunlight

Absorbing nature’s essence

I wish I were as brave too

My faith absolute

To fulfil my given mission


Touches Of Glitter

Can’t stop being happy!

Happiness is a part of me

Nothing and no one one can stop it

Or take it away

Its mine to have


I swim in joy

Dance in glee

Revel in silver linings


Life is fun

In art, dance, music, creativity and colours


I have a roof over my head

Sun shining in the sky

Rainy days are bright too

Sweaty summer nights

And twilights to listen

To the sound of crickets chirping


A job to provide me food

Hale and hearty simple meals

With gratitude, everyday’s a party


And when I’m happy

No sadness can affect me

Because happiness is very simple


The basic necessities of life

Alongside majestic nature’s peace

Compassion and kindness in the heart

To give sparkles and glitter

Share the joy of rainbows

In abundance with others


Touching their souls

With this smidgen of happiness

That spreads like ripples over oceans

Deep from my soul

An endless spring of refreshing merriment



Unshakable Happiness

Can you believe in true happiness?

I can. For once in my life, I can

And I believe I have it to some extent

Can you understand that place?


Where the unutterable, grinding suffering ends

And the deepest part of your soul lifts up

Floats just a mere inch above pain

Like a lotus, touching without touching, barely touching

Blooming above dirt


That place where you’ve just overcome hell

And heaven is the relief of happiness

This place where nothing affects you, good or bad

Is joy

Is peace


The point when you are just grateful to have crawled out of hell

And heaven’s gate is calling out to you

Where you want nothing more because this moment is perfectly happy

You’re standing strong with no expectations, with acceptance and an unshakable hold on peace

Where nothing can move this uplifting calmness

Neither happiness nor calamity

Is true happiness

In my perspective of life so far

Giving Rather Than Losing

‘Giving’ is a way of life

We could adopt into our daily

Not just during this wonderful season


Giving and sharing is hard

Usually we want things for ourselves

Pray for ourselves

It takes strength to let go of oneself and pray

Live for something bigger than ourselves


Small things are easier to give

Like sharing a meal that’s not enough for you

When you can’t afford a good meal


But bigger things, things that define you

Things that form your identity

Are harder to give

Because you have to give something that belongs with you

Is a part of you

Stuff that you worked for, earned, deserve

Time, years, effort, energy, trust, faith, loyalty, sincerity

Those things are harder to give


I choose to give rather than lose


So this season, I think about things

That I’ve given to the wind

And still standing with greater compassion and kindness

Left in me to give more

And I stay blessed for it


After years and years of rejection

Pain, feeling worthless, useless

I’ve learned to pray every night

“God, let me love what you love

Life will be a lot easier then”

Because I don’t want to walk

Down the path not meant for me

Fight for something I wish would be

Which You don’t wish for me


Because when I love what You love, God

I will always be happy come what may

For it is indeed the truest blessing

To do what one loves in one’s life

And which is also in alignment with

His will for us

And my wishes will be fulfilled

Because they’re in fact Your wishes

Hence I can walk through hell

With absolute faith in You


And what You wish us to do

Is live a life of altruism

And when I walk this life

I hope You will help me lift

From suffering when I can’t keep going no more