Touching the Universe

I look into your eyes and I see spiraling galaxies of my universe holding your infinite love

I bask in their shine each time you gaze at me and bloom

Like moonflower in moonlight

Sunflower in sunlight

Coming alive

For I am yours

Falling into the depth of your eyes

I know time and space don’t matter

As I will be embraced in your love for eternity


Dogs are True Love

Those faithful eyes that say, “I’ll love you forever” and mean it

That wet nose on my lap breathing me in, sighing contently, “That’s my favourite smell in the world”

Those loyal paws that follow me wherever I go, promising, “I will be by your side as long as I live” 🐾

That wagging tail, nineteen to the dozen, showing, “I’m happiest when I see you”

Those loving licks replacing my tears, showering kisses on me

Those soft droopy ears that flop on my tummy when you rest your head on me; your gentle snores saying, “The sound of your heartbeat is the one melody that gives me peace and I know I’m home where you are”

Fairy tales are real in a dog’s true love