Fragrance of Roses

Pure white petals

Laced with a dash of pink

Twirling in the golden rays

Blushing rosy at the kisses

From the morning sun

Your perfume intoxicating

Draw in bees and butterflies

Mesmerized by your fragrance and beauty

Even the glorious sun cannot resist

Showering his sparkles on you


Born Of The Sun

Red flower in morning misty glory
Showered in beams of sunshine
Golden petals sparkling
Dew drops on green leaves
Like diamonds glittering

Morning light filtering from the window garden
Red flower soaked in the sun
Tucked in my curly black hair
My home besprinkled in scintillating golden luminescence

I drink from You, oh sunlight
Eternal joy and zest everyday
Darkness dispelled
Youth and vitality restored
My soul shimmers basked in Your warm rays