Blissful Day

Sitting by the window on a bus…little pearls of raindrops streaking past the glass, shining in the mild sunshine…lush green fields rushing by…listening to good music…a happy destination ahead… 🙂

What a blissful day!


Snowfall and a Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

I watch besotted, the silent snow falling
Soft and gentle, serene in her melody

Clothing the world in soft white puffs
Different from rain, I hear no pitter patter

As peaceful silence envelops my soul
I know the snow is enchanted magic falling upon earth

Soothing the souls of human beings
As her music of tranquility reaches our ears

Earth looks like it has ascended onto the clouds
A pure white civilization fashioned in the skies

And I curl up in my cozy bed
A cuppa marshmallow hot chocolate warming my fingers
Drifting off to sleep, a satisfied smile on my lips

Just like snow, I float in to the land of dreams
Where my hopes and wishes come true

The Ocean and the Seashore – A Love Beyond Time

Ours is a tale of love as old as creation.

For you are the Ocean and I am the Seashore.

The music of our joy, our song besprinkled,

In seashells across the earth.

The waves and the sand merge together for eternity. The Ocean returns after a weary trip round the world into the arms of his beloved Seashore, who waits earnestly and patiently for him to come home to her. Their union brings happiness to their human children as they frolic and play in the dancing, lapping, majestic waves and bury their feet in the warm, healing sands.

The Ocean and the Seashore are inseparable. Without boundaries, they blend and mix, entwine in such harmony that it is unfathomable where the Ocean ends and the Seashore begins.

Thus are you and I joined together forever. Sure as the sun that bounces golden above the waters.

Sacred is the place where I met you and you professed that Your love for me “is as vast as the sea, the ocean that spans this earth” and I was overcome and conceded, “You have me that loves you forever”. I saw your face light up in the most beautiful smile of thrill and contentment that my heart melted.

I rest my head on your shoulder, sitting beside you in the soft sand and you hold my fingers in yours. As I watch the blue waters stretch out to the sun and the endless sky change colours, I can’t but feel at peace with nature and with myself.

Unshakable Happiness

Can you believe in true happiness?

I can. For once in my life, I can

And I believe I have it to some extent

Can you understand that place?


Where the suffering ends

And the deepest part of your soul lifts up

Floats just a mere inch above pain

Like a lotus, touching without touching, barely touching

Blooming above dirt


That place where you’ve just overcome hardship

And heaven is the happiness of relief

This place where nothing affects you, good or bad

Is joy

Is peace


The point when you are just grateful to be alive

Because heaven’s gate is calling out to you up ahead

Where you want nothing more because this moment is perfectly happy

You’re standing strong with no expectations, with acceptance and an unshakable hold on peace

Where nothing can move this uplifting calmness

Neither happiness nor calamity

Is true happiness

In my perspective of life so far