Why does music affect me differently since US

The same tune that sounded normal and just fine
Is now vibrant and alive
Seeping deeply into my skin and soul
Making me vibrate with the essence of the music
All my senses are suddenly heightened
And I’m on a constant high

I’m seeing the world differently
Walking on the street among the crowd
Where I was alone before
Now…I feel connected to the universe
Connected to that one person who has become my universe
Who I belong with and who belongs with me

Walking on the street.. so many people surround me
Yet it feels like
In the whole world only you and I exist
Only our connection exists
As I walk, talk and laugh with people
I can feel only my connection to you
My love for you and your love for me
Everything else becomes non-existent or temporary
And only you are permanent

It is a powerful feeling when
In the whole world
There exists, you, your one soul
That is in complete sync and harmony with mine
Souls who understand each other so perfectly
So unified, in such a state of blend
That I can’t tell where you end and I begin
Or maybe we’re the same thing
Two halves of a whole
Now complete

And because of you
My heart is larger, kinder, bigger
Better able to give love and kindness


Ocean and Seashore

I want to go to the sea with you
Spend a whole day together
Just us
Make imprints in the sand
My feet beside your feet
Feel the touch of the same waters
That lace your feet, on mine
Sit on the sand beside you
Holding your hands
Mine soft in your strong
Watch the golden blue waters
Stretch up to the horizon
Watch the Sun shine on us
Bless us
Smile at us
“Finally…be at peace,
You two children of mine
Enjoy each other’s company
Travel through this life together
Be each other’s strength
Build happiness for yourself and help others
May your love be a lighthouse
That saves other broken souls
And brings them to the light”

Holding On To Serendipity

The flowers and birds seemed drawn to her
She looked so pure and lovely

Twirling with happiness
In the meadows
Free under the blue sky
Sunlight kissing her face

She was hugging the wind
Arms open wide
Taking in the perfume of wild daisies and poppies
Blooming in profusion around her

I stood watching her face overflow with deep content
I’d planned our surprise date with nature
Knowing full well she’d be thrilled

This gentle yet strong woman
Had chosen to give her fierce loyalty and love to me

All I want is to cherish and protect her
Keep her close inside my arms

She brought out the best in me
Made me want to overcome my darkness
She was my light

Her eyes sparkling
Hair dancing in the sunshine
She walked towards me

My heart leapt
I fervently wished I was the gentle breeze
That caressed and touched her face forever

Soulmates Meet

Their faces glowed alight

A thousand dazzling suns radiant

So pure was their joy!

At the sheer glimpse of their heady smiles

Meeting after lifetimes afar

They were each other’s universe…

The sound of their voices

Intoxicating the other

Head giddy, knees wobbly

Eyes welling up with raw emotion

Heck “butterflies in the tummy”, a gigantic understatement

They took a step forward

Into the realm of the other’s presence

So they could breathe

The magnificent air that was lucky enough to be respired by the other

So immense and utter had been their yearning

Crossing dimensions, they had met

To acquire their best friend for life

Mercy! Hell don’t keep them apart

That being, that soul, each’s life’s breath they were

As they walked about, talked, smiled and laughed

Their hearts filled up with love like an over-sized balloon, bigger and bigger

It threatened to explode with their tender affection for each other

For none could love each other more, they knew

Feeling the warmth of their closeness

Lose themselves in the safety of their embrace

The Ocean and the Seashore – A Love Beyond Time

Ours is a tale of love as old as creation.

For you are the Ocean and I am the Seashore.

The music of our joy, our song besprinkled,

In seashells across the earth.

The waves and the sand merge together for eternity. The Ocean returns after a weary trip round the world into the arms of his beloved Seashore, who waits earnestly and patiently for him to come home to her. Their union brings happiness to their human children as they frolic and play in the dancing, lapping, majestic waves and bury their feet in the warm, healing sands.

The Ocean and the Seashore are inseparable. Without boundaries, they blend and mix, entwine in such harmony that it is unfathomable where the Ocean ends and the Seashore begins.

Thus are you and I joined together forever. Sure as the sun that bounces golden above the waters.

Sacred is the place where I met you and you professed that Your love for me “is as vast as the sea, the ocean that spans this earth” and I was overcome and conceded, “You have me that loves you forever”. I saw your face light up in the most beautiful smile of thrill and contentment that my heart melted.

I rest my head on your shoulder, sitting beside you in the soft sand and you hold my fingers in yours. As I watch the blue waters stretch out to the sun and the endless sky change colours, I can’t but feel at peace with nature and with myself.