Devotion or Pollution? Nature is a Work of Art!

One day, a professor of art asked his very eager and eager students, “Do you put in a huge amount of effort into the art you create?” His students replied, “Of course! We devote ourselves day and night working on and perfecting our techniques. Behind every masterpiece created, there is years of unseen practice.” The professor smiled and replied, “I see. So your art is a very precious creation for you; it is like your baby.” The students replied, “Indeed Sir. We work very hard to create those intricate details, put a great deal of thought into it, lot of love, care and attention. It is very gratifying when people delight in our art and look after them well.” The professor was thoughtful and nodded his head with a smile.

He continued, “Let me tell you the story of a little boy whose mother was an artist. As he grew up, everyday, the boy watched his mother work very hard, practice and improve her methods. In her lifetime she created a great many paintings and they became extremely famous and renowned. One day, she gave her most labored, cherished and most beautiful painting for her son to keep and enjoy, and peacefully passed away. In honour of his mother, to glorify and celebrate her name, the son displayed this painting in his home and lighted candles every year on her anniversary, as an ode to her. Year after year he did this piously and ceremoniously.

Although he noticed that the candles were depositing soot, grime and damaging the painting his mother created with painstaking effort, the boy did not care. He was too busy filling and inflating his own ego about how great and devoted a son he was to celebrate his mother as such; his mother must be grateful to him instead of complaint, as no other son glorifies his mother as he. One such anniversary, a windy night that it was, the fire of the candle touched the painting and the whole thing went up in flames leaving only ash as remains of what was once true beauty.

Did the son realise his folly? Was it wise to foolishly and pompously ruin someone’s hard work? What use was such a realization now that it was too late? Was it possible to restore what was destroyed by pseudo devotion? Is it true devotion when there is no thought for others and it satisfies only one’s ego? Now that you have listened to this story, tell me your feelings, my dear students.”

The students were thoughtful and absorbed by the narrative. “It is a shame. It is an atrocity, indeed.” The professor calmly went on to ask them, “Now let me ask you a different question, do you feel that nature inspires the artist in you? When you’re stuck with an idea, do you feel that a walk among the trees, sitting by a lake, or feeling the breeze on your cheeks at the sea helps you open up your soul and create beauty? Or does a walk along a grimy, dirty road with vehicles honking, smoke, dust and poisonous gases oozing into the air and people shouting curses… does this inspire you?” All the students burst out laughing, “Of course not Sir, beautiful nature inspires us.”

The professor continued, “My dear students, now tell me, don’t you think that nature is the work of art by God, in all its majestic beauty and glory. Don’t you feel that by using non-ecofriendly firecrackers at Diwali festival celebrations, we are pretty much like the son who ruined his mother’s work of art in the end due to his own misdirected devotion. Isn’t it our own ego that we are celebrating, if we do not have concern for God’s painstaking creation, His beautiful nature? Shouldn’t we correct our ways? Please ponder on this during this season, and do what you feel is the best way to celebrate God. As for me, I am sure that kindness, compassion, consideration for others and nature, and preserving nature’s purity is the best way to glorify His name.”


Snowfall and a Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

I watch besotted, the silent snow falling
Soft and gentle, serene in her melody

Clothing the world in soft white puffs
Different from rain, I hear no pitter patter

As peaceful silence envelops my soul
I know the snow is enchanted magic falling upon earth

Soothing the souls of human beings
As her music of tranquility reaches our ears

Earth looks like it has ascended onto the clouds
A pure white civilization fashioned in the skies

And I curl up in my cozy bed
A cuppa marshmallow hot chocolate warming my fingers
Drifting off to sleep, a satisfied smile on my lips

Just like snow, I float in to the land of dreams
Where my hopes and wishes come true

Dogs are True Love

Those faithful eyes that say, “I’ll love you forever” and mean it

That wet nose on my lap breathing me in, sighing contently, “That’s my favourite smell in the world”

Those loyal paws that follow me wherever I go, promising, “I will be by your side as long as I live” 🐾

That wagging tail, nineteen to the dozen, showing, “I’m happiest when I see you”

Those loving licks replacing my tears, showering kisses on me

Those soft droopy ears that flop on my tummy when you rest your head on me; your gentle snores saying, “The sound of your heartbeat is the one melody that gives me peace and I know I’m home where you are”

Fairy tales are real in a dog’s true love

Truth Makes People Uncomfortable

A naive young girl

Eyes sparkling with the light of trust

Gave her heart out to all she met

Loyal to each that called her a friend

She believed all those who smiled at her were true

Dispensed her friendship as freely as sunshine

Not understanding that those who called themselves real

Wore a beautiful mask hiding ugliness underneath

For she wore her beauty and ugliness on her face

Every emotion there expressed honestly

For her friends to see all sides of her

Because truth includes both aspects, beauty and beast

Expecting the same in return was a mistake

Trust is not to be handed out freely

During turbulent storms of truth

When friendships are put to the test

And facades laid bare

She would discover

Who would abandon ship, fire canons at her, sink her to the bottom of the dark ocean

And who would do everything they can to keep her afloat

To make it to the horizon where they would be embraced by the golden sun

Though it pained her to see friends leave

She realised God’s mysterious way

That eliminated fake charlatans

Masquerading as friends in her life

To leave her with the real true ones

That she’d always prayed for

Now they may be plain and covered in dust

Diamonds in the rough

Not quite so glamorous as the fancy masqueraders

But I think God and I both preferred

The unostentatious, simple and straightforward

Holding On To Serendipity

The flowers and birds seemed drawn to her
She looked so pure and lovely

Twirling with happiness
In the meadows
Free under the blue sky
Sunlight kissing her face

She was hugging the wind
Arms open wide
Taking in the perfume of wild daisies and poppies
Blooming in profusion around her

I stood watching her face overflow with deep content
I’d planned our surprise date with nature
Knowing full well she’d be thrilled

This gentle yet strong woman
Had chosen to give her fierce loyalty and love to me

All I want is to cherish and protect her
Keep her close inside my arms

She brought out the best in me
Made me want to overcome my darkness
She was my light

Her eyes sparkling
Hair dancing in the sunshine
She walked towards me

My heart leapt
I fervently wished I was the gentle breeze
That caressed and touched her face forever

Soulmates Meet

Their faces glowed alight

A thousand dazzling suns radiant

So pure was their joy!

At the sheer glimpse of their heady smiles

Meeting after lifetimes afar

They were each other’s universe…

The sound of their voices

Intoxicating the other

Head giddy, knees wobbly

Eyes welling up with raw emotion

Heck “butterflies in the tummy”, a gigantic understatement

They took a step forward

Into the realm of the other’s presence

So they could breathe

The magnificent air that was lucky enough to be respired by the other

So immense and utter had been their yearning

Crossing dimensions, they had met

To acquire their best friend for life

Mercy! Hell don’t keep them apart

That being, that soul, each’s life’s breath they were

As they walked about, talked, smiled and laughed

Their hearts filled up with love like an over-sized balloon, bigger and bigger

It threatened to explode with their tender affection for each other

For none could love each other more, they knew

Feeling the warmth of their closeness

Lose themselves in the safety of their embrace

The Ocean and the Seashore – A Love Beyond Time

Ours is a tale of love as old as creation.

For you are the Ocean and I am the Seashore.

The music of our joy, our song besprinkled,

In seashells across the earth.

The waves and the sand merge together for eternity. The Ocean returns after a weary trip round the world into the arms of his beloved Seashore, who waits earnestly and patiently for him to come home to her. Their union brings happiness to their human children as they frolic and play in the dancing, lapping, majestic waves and bury their feet in the warm, healing sands.

The Ocean and the Seashore are inseparable. Without boundaries, they blend and mix, entwine in such harmony that it is unfathomable where the Ocean ends and the Seashore begins.

Thus are you and I joined together forever. Sure as the sun that bounces golden above the waters.

Sacred is the place where I met you and you professed that Your love for me “is as vast as the sea, the ocean that spans this earth” and I was overcome and conceded, “You have me that loves you forever”. I saw your face light up in the most beautiful smile of thrill and contentment that my heart melted.

I rest my head on your shoulder, sitting beside you in the soft sand and you hold my fingers in yours. As I watch the blue waters stretch out to the sun and the endless sky change colours, I can’t but feel at peace with nature and with myself.